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Our Legacy

Our Name & it's Legacy

Dave Ramsey was the founder and is the namesake of our small business. He was born and raised in Homeworth, OH. He was a husband, father, and grandfather. Dave was an active member in his church and in the community. He specialized in helping teachers retire, life insurance, and retirement planning.

Dave passed away in 2022, but his values of service and integrity live on at Ramsey Financial.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional Service to our clients while upholding the highest  standards of Integrity.


Service and Integrity are the core values that guide every decision and action we take, ensuring our clients receive not only the

best solutions, but also confidence

in the relationship we build based on honesty and ethical principles.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Simple, yet


Our Team

Brandon Patterson

Owner & Financial Advisor

Brandon Patterson

Judee Patterson


Judee Patterson


Senior Benefits Specialist

Mindy Patterson

Holistic Financial Planning

We believe that true financial well-being

extends beyond numbers.


Our holistic approach goes beyond focusing solely on investments or retirement planning and considers factors such as income, expenses, taxes, insurance, estate planning, debt management, and more.

Holistic Financial Planning - a more comprehensive approach to financial goals and success
Expert Guidance

Our team consists of qualified and knowledgeable financial advisors who stay up-to-date with the latest financial trends, technologies, and strategies.

We leverage our expertise to provide

you with sound financial advice.

Expert Guidance ; fully licensed and fiduciary advisors
Comprehensive Services

Whether you're looking to plan for retirement, manage investments, save for education, or protect your family through insurance, we offer a wide range of financial services to address your needs.

Comprehensive Services
Regular Reviews

Financial planning is an ongoing process.


We'll regularly review and update your plan to adapt to changes in your life, financial markets,

and economic conditions.

Regular Reviews - a key component to financial success
Building relationships with our clients means supporting them before, during, & after the planning process.

We have an experienced team that understands how to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. We take a holistic approach when creating financial plans and make sure not to cut any corners.


Whether you are looking for a complete financial plan, insurance, or have no idea where to even begin, you have come to the right place.

We prioritize service with accessibility
convenience for our clients.

We take pride in accommodating our clients’ schedules and preferences. Whether it’s meeting at clients’ homes, coffee shops, online, or arranging appointments outside the typical 9-5 hours, we prioritize accessibility and convenience. We hope that through this commitment to being readily available, we can demonstrate our dedication to providing a seamless and client-centric experience.

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