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Long-termCare planning

Your personalized long-term care plan, managed by professional advisors.

Long-term care planning

hybrid care

Ramsey Financial specializes in delivering hybrid long-term care solutions for clients.

These come in the form of both Long-Term Care annuities and Life Insurance with Long-Term Care features.

Independent Advantage

As independent insurance agents, we have the flexibility to provide insurance solutions from the wide range of providers available.


Our lack of ties to any single provider allows us to genuinely identify the most suitable solution for each individual's unique requirements.

This service is offered through Brandon Patterson at Ramsey Financial and is

not associated with Cambridge.

Covering the Cost

Long-term care insurance, or LTCI, is designed to provide coverage for the costs associated with long-term care services.


LTCI policies typically cover a variety of long-term care services, including

  • In-Home Care

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Adult Day Care

  • Hospice Care

Covering the cost of long-term care; can be extremely cost draining, protect your hard earned assets

At Ramsey Financial, we recognize long-term care planning is a deeply personal journey.

A primary reason individuals consider long-term insurance is to ease the burden which costs can

have on their family members. This is why we urge families to consider insurance sooner, rather than

later. We work with you to find you the best solution

that fits your unique needs and preferences,

assisting you in addressing questions like;

  • What are the chances I will need a form of LTC?

  • What do different types of care cost in my area?

  • How would I benefit from having LTCI?

  • What would happen to my savings if I didn't

        have LTCI and I needed LTC?

Effective long-term care planning empowers you

to retain control over your healthcare decisions while providing financial security for you and your family.

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Deeply personal journey - not every case can be predicted, therefore protect
Happy retired individuals
Take Control 
Of  Your Future

Having LTCI allows individuals and their families to have more control over the

type and quality of care they receive.


It provides options for selecting

caregivers and facilities that meet

their needs and preferences.

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