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Ramsey Financial, or Ramsey Financial Group,
is a company that has grown and matured
over 40 years of hard work and dedication.

Though our original founder is no longer
with us, we proudly uphold his name, legacy, & purpose, dedicated to serving our community
by helping them attain financial freedom.

ramsey timeline






Dave was a full-time teacher and coach at Louisville when he started selling Life insurance. Retirement during the 80s consisted mainly of social security and pension plans. Most people didn’t need the level of planning or investment management they do today, because their retirements were fully funded.

Founded by Dave Ramsey

Recruit of Jeff Ramsey

Recruit of Brandon Patterson

Jeff, Dave's son, was a full-time guidance counselor at Perry Schools when he joined his dad in the business. During this time, pension plans were dwindling, making room for the emergence of 401ks and 403bs in retirement planning. Jeff guided a lot of individuals with starting and investing into these retirement plans.

Brandon grew up watching Jeff, his uncle, and Dave, his grandpa, help individuals and families plan for retirement. Brandon continues to guide individuals toward retirement and beyond. The younger generation faces a critical need to proactively

fund their own retirement.

Brandon and his wife Judee, who married in early fall of 2022, have further expanded the business to encompass holistic financial planning, aiding individuals and families in the pursuit of their financial goals.


In the fall of 2023, they officially rebranded Ramsey Financial Group to be referred as Ramsey Financial, along with a logo and website update.


Brandon & Judee decided to keep the known and loved shorthand RFG. This decision was made to remind clients that their values of service and integrity as a group since its founding have not changed... they have only gotten stronger!

New Beginnings

Ramsey Financial
Brandon and Judee Patterson wedding day
Brandon and Judee Patterson in Seattle, Washington.

To Be Continued...

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